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Product introduction

I have a lot of Conan goods.

I have a lot of original goods of the Conan in the Conan department store.
As there are a lot of products to be able to buy only here, please drop in by all means.
*I do not do the reservation over an email and the telephone, the reservation in our store.
In addition, I prohibit the purchase in the resale purpose.

Original product


I am very popular in our store-limited original T-shirt.

Polo shirt

It is two kinds of entering original embroidery polo shirts (Conan kid). There is the print polo shirt (pink, light blue, black, white), too.

Tote bag (white, black)

It is the tote bag of our store original.
*(it becomes only the one side print)

Mug cup tumbler coaster

There are a mug cup tumbler mug cup tumbler, a coaster (blue, black, tea) of the Conan.

Original cake

Gateau Shoo of poaro, drop of poaro, canned chocolate crunch, clothes type lemon pop, shoes type biscuit
I prepare our store-limited original cake.

Masking tape

Three kinds of our store-limited masking tape (watermelon, tea, blue)
I do it in this.

Jacquard towel face towel

It is a domestic comfortable quite popular jacquard towel and face towel.
I prepare for each two kinds.

Clear file, adhesive plaster, mini-towel

It is five kinds of clear files (windmill, watermelon Conan & orchid <two kinds>, detective corps) and adhesive plaster and mini-towel (dune, white, detective corps).

Ring notebook

There are two kinds of ring notebooks of the A5 size.

Carry-back sticker

It is a carry-back sticker. There are four kinds.

Ball-point pen pen case, ruler

I prepare the original stationery.

Tag BOOK, sticker

It is a tag BOOK2 class and a sticker of the Beikashoutengai.

Noisy cricket

The product of our store original enters the noisy cricket.
There are three kinds of the key ring stands, can badge.
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